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What people usually don't understand about a properly constructed wood surfboard is the amount of man hours put into the build. Easily five times of that as a foam board....easily. Also they will last a lifetime if properly cared for. They just don't suffer the same effects as a foam surfboard ( rail/tail cancer, pressure dents). You will have those that try to haggle the price down to that or less than a foamie because your not a "famous shaper" and when you calculate the labor rate you would be working for at their price it would be more profitable for you to work at McDonald's. I think no wood surfboard builder would entertain a really lowball offer because these types of boards are not going for cheap anywhere.
So there are 4 guys I know on SI that make wooden surfboards. You and I, this new guy Charles and RS. I'm not quitting my day job to start building boards. Good luck to you if you decide to do that. RS has proven to us that he has a "southern hemisphere" mindset and that's his own deal.

I build my HWS's because it keeps me in the surf game when there's no wave or no time. I also came to the realization that I'm not gonna be the best surfer out there but I will have the best looking board. How many compliments do you get per day on your foam board? Probably about as many as I get on my new haircut... 0. A HWS is never a pop-out, will last for many, many years and is a beautiful thing no matter whose design book you're using.

Bottom line is I enjoy making them, riding them and learning from past mistakes. Not making them for $$$. I'd bet all of us, even RS, would agree.