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OH MY GOD, you Magicseaweed F's are so nuts. You Brits, and I guess New Zelanders, think you are so sophisticated. You tards always point out my "MISPELLINGS," YET YOUSE GUYS FAIL TO REALIZE US AMERICANS DON'T SPELL EXACTLY LIKE YOUSE GUYS !!!

NO, we do NOT use two 'L's to spell "COUNSELING." WE DON'T use the word, "SPELT." AND we sure as heck don't throw in extra 'u's in every word.........humoUr.......neighboUr.

So please don't feel the need to "correct" Americans' spelling. Thank you. Have a nice day.

I'm not angry by the way, just using CAPS for emphasis. Ya know what it is that I be sayin' ? I love you, man.

And the whole "racial slur" thing was an inside joke(between myself and I) and you seemed like a good target, being foreign and all. Here's some clues: Riley, Philadelphia, football, counseling........
Quite right about counselling, I didn't realise that it is spelt with one 'l' in the USA.

You are wrong about 'spelt' though, on two counts. Firstly I don't use American spelling, secondly although 'spelt' is not the primary spelling in the USA it is used, as the graph below shows:

Shows the use of spelt and spelled in American books published in the 20th century.

This chart shows that the USA spelling is infesting the rest of the world, just like McDonald's is:

Shows the use of spelled and spelt in British English during the same period.