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Lemme jump in real quick... I'm definitely not a RS believer but I do enjoy making my own HWS. They're good because they're not foam. They perform differently than foam. Do you think Charles is going to be entering any contests on this board? I don't. He builds them "because they are unique and they are for myself and I will be a better surfer because of my passion." Not because this is the new revelution and foam will be dead in 5 years.

Wood is good. I've seen a HWS stand up to 6 torpedos. I haven't seen a fitzpedo but I'm gonna assume your basic HWS could take at least 5.
yeah I hear what you're saying. I just can't invision this board being able to take up enough of the wave energy to move in an enjoyable fashion. I'm not sure but didn't charles say its 24lbs or so?
anyhows, that being said, I'm interested in following his experience with the board.