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DAMNIT! Could you of posted this like about around 10am. I eat fast food maybe once a year.... but running around for work this morning and stopped by... WENDYS! Subway next to one life off Princess Anne was slammed so settled for Wendys.

I also worked off and on in the restaurant industry since a teenager from waiter, bar back, bartender, a few times of filling in for a line cook, and multiple times as a bar manager. There is some NASTY crap out there! Old meat and veggies that one can't identify sitting uncovered in the walk-in with other "fresh" ingredients..... just a science project waiting to create the next super virus.

Thanks Cheech... little late. If I die tonight I don't blame you though cause who ever trusts a restaurant where their covergirl is a ginger
yeah, I've worked at the wendy's on tiffany pl. just think of eating there as prep for when you're homeless and have to eat from dumpsters.