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    Over development/pollution

    Too much coastal development allowed(beach areas should basically be untouched national parks and not oceanfront homes for the rich) continues to cause pollution in our water. Second beach in RI was closed today amazingly due to bacteria levels being too high. I don't ever remember that place being shut down. And just a few days ago narragansett town beach was closed for a few days.

    Too much pavement/lawns ect = storm run off

    I also find it absurd that they only test the water between memorial day and labor day. Plenty of people, not just surfers, visit beaches in sept/oct/may. You hear about them drowning during this time every year. Memorial day to labor day is just some outdated idea of what constitutes "beach season" on the mid atlantic to northeast coast. The lifeguards/showers should all be open/running in September. Yes I'm aware some lifeguards are college students, yet Florida/Cali ect manage to staff year round. State is just trying to jack people with parking fee's and can't be bothered staffing the place unless it's super busy. It's 28 bucks to park a car at RI state beach for out of state plates!!!!! on weekends and half that for in-state. You know damn well that's not all going towards staffing the beach! Nothing beats a warm shower after a session They close all the buildings as well ugh

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    The amount of fertilizers and other crap people put on their lawns is mind-boggling to me...just a small piece of the bacterial pie but still.