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    I have a used 9' 6" here in Surfside for sale. $300

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    I rented 9'0 and 9'6 boards from Breakers and Kook's in Surfside when I started out surfing, and got all the bruising and chaffing as Pearling descibed. However my neighbors kid had a 7'6 NSP that he let me borrow. And I surfed that board till I stood up and then made my first bottom turn. I acquired most of the basic surfing skills on that board. I am 5'11 and 170 lbs. So you dont have to learn to surf on a longboard when starting out, I didn't. Surfing and board selection is the ongoing conversation that surfers get to discuss. "You should try this board!" As surfers we will always feel like a different board will work better, but the board we learn to surf on will always play role in how we surf and what type of rider we are. Because groms learn to surf on shortboards usually, and adults that pick up the sport usually start out on longboards.