Well, I got bored last weekend and realized I haven't made anything in the shop recently--my last project was almost every evening and almost every weekend for over 4 months building a custom queen sized bed with incorporated foot trunk, two shadow box end tables and a shadow box coffee table. (a paying project) So, after a month long hiatus I was getting the itch to build something new.

I didn't want to get too involved with something I would have had to commit serious amounts of time to, but I knew I wanted to experiment with something I've never done--building some sort of water craft. I figured I should start small, so I decided to mess around with some hand boards. I started going through my racks of scraps and cut-offs and pulled out some OG Heart Pine, Black Walnut, Quilted Maple and Wenge. I commenced with re-sawing, dimensioning, planing and joining and wound up with some stock I could make a couple blanks from. While they were glued up I sketched out a fat fish-like template on cardboard and cut it out with an exacto knife when I was satisfied with the lines.

(I will go ahead and apologize in advance for the crappy pics taken from a dusty cell phone)

On to drawing out the template and cutting the rough shape: