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Nice work, Erock.

Do you make coffee tables?
Sure do. I use solid wood so they're pretty pricey. A buddy and I have a side woodworking "business," we do custom orders for things like coffee tables and keep tree swings, coasters and cutting boards in stock... although we need to play catch-up because our stock is extremely low--been too busy with grown-up stuff.

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That is some solid work. I got one at a local shop on sale and its a ton of fun. You can't help but 'plane out' once you get your weight behind it. Lets see some footage of you getting a 1 foot tube!
Thanks man, I hope to crank out a vid or at least get a couple pics of them in action... one day.

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looks good how long did this take you?
I've probably got a little over 4 hours in them so far. Once I get them dialed in I will probably be able to make 4 or 5 at a time with 5-6 total hours work time. Beer drinking and "getting safe" time not included.

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Nice work. I want one.
I hope to get my production method dialed in at some point then ad them as a stock fixture for our wood shop. But right now we've really been dropping the ball on our interweb marketing, our etsy account is inactive right now and we haven't updated jack on FB in a while. My partner has a 1.5 year old and one in the oven, so neither of us have had time lately.

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Did you use a router to put the channels in?
Yeah, with a big-ass 1.5" fluting bit. I'm going to use a combination of that and some other bits next time in an effort to reduce rough sanding. I free-handed this one and plan on making some templates and jigs once I find what bottom designs work best.