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Thread: boots?

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    Hey everyone,

    Finally just got a 4/3 wetsuit and am looking to get out soon in the jersey area. Just wondering- are people still wearing boots or gloves now? At what temp do you usually leave them behind? I just don't want to show up to surf and get bummed out when I am too cold to stay in the water. I'd rather buy things ahead of time if needed...


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    getting pretty close to ditching the boots and gloves in delmarva. Last Thurs/Fri swell, I wore 3 mill boots with holes in them, and got numb after a couple of hours, but its doable. 3mm gloves and boots are the best bet right now, but you can def. get a way without them if you need to.

    It wont be too long before we do away with boots/gloves. Another week or two I'd say with the air temps as warm as they are.

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    i had no gloves on last fri in jerz and my hands were only a bit cold after 2 hours...although i did have the wandering pinky. boots don't bother me so i usually wear them until the temps hit the mid 50s.

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    im in the belmar/avon area in jersey and ive been goin without any boots or gloves for like the last 2 weeks or so and im fine....but altho ur just gettin to nj..idk if u could take the the cool temps....hav u been in jersey be4

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    Boots? Gloves? 3/2 good enough?

    it says cape may is right 60 and atlantic city is around 57 on noaa website. is that the water temp further out to sea? So would the water near the beach be colder? Just wondering because i was out in a 3/2 last year with no booties or gloves and the water was like 59 and i was fine.

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    no hood, light gloves and light boots, you will definitely feel cold if your not used to it, i'm probably gonna ditch the gloves soon, but boots i would definitely say keep em on, i've been out when i didn't have the right gear on and its not fun..if anything bring em and if u feel hot, which u probably won;t take em off

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    you think you can get away with a oneill epic 3/2. its not completely water sealed.

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    i surfed at jenks in NJ for 4 hours yesterday and 3 today and only wore a 4.3 no hood no boots no gloves and i was completly fine ive also been surfing jerz year round for about 4 years.. but id say its def doable just depends on your water tolerance i guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyav13 View Post
    you think you can get away with a oneill epic 3/2. its not completely water sealed.

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    yeah i wore nothin but an unsealed 3/2 a few days ago just to see how it felt..... i was reasonably warm for about an hour, as long as you keep moving ur alright.... after 2 hours u just start to cramp up from the cold tho.