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Maybe, maybe not!!!

On the realz - I find the deals. You know, buy low sell hi like NJshred does with his paper chase. There's lots of kooks out there who bought the wrong board and be fire sellin to liquidate. Their trash, my treasure, much pleasure!!! I probs have spent less on 10 used sticks than some have for 2 freshies. Sometimes I score big with a mint ride on the cheap, other times it's a fixer-upper like Grammy's hoop-dee (see: 1980's commercial rap) and I've learned to glass and sand like any good grom should.

Never said I got around to charging with the whole quiver!! Some of the sticks I got because they were too cheap and good to pass up, others I knew would be desirable for resale and others for utility of either certain conditions or being a good beater to take novice friends out in the 8-10 with
At the very least, having the walls of your otherwise feng shui crib lined with the better part of your quiver is a great convo piece for the wahines to ax bout when they roll through for some service and the sticks eventually feel like family. In this case, a traditional Irish-Catholic fam with 8 kids since they don't believe in contraception.

It's flat season hombres. I can only charge mush for an hour a day, if that. I don't sleep, so there's 8 hours of darkness that needs to be occupied and there's only so many vids of sick goofy-footers on das web. You run out of footage pretty quick and waxing, de-waxing, and polishing the unused 2/3 of your quiver is a convenient substitute.

So Broseffy, I could either be a grisled, cagey vet pulling all your chains (psyche!!!!) or I could be the "all in", super-committed, over-aged grom! Either way, I'm gonna be frothin hard and on top of my surf game like sesame seeds before long.
Word, was just curious, I pick on these things for some reason. Good for you though, can never have too many, options are good to have no matter what we're talking bout right?