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Thread: Colored wax...

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    Pink sex wax rules. If its zoggs, leave it

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    those pickles are a joke. it's just foam dust in there. that's the best thing for getting wax off after scraping the bulk. the rest comes off perfect with foam dust. i understand it's not easy for most people to get though. sawdust works good too.

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    I only use pink wax, but then again I am a gal. Pink boards too . Go with the pink, no one will steal a pink board.

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    Oh He!! How about just supporting Breast cancer awareness!

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    Just get 2 other colors, that way you can make an artsy design. Then put your skinny jeans on and pose next to the lifeguard stand! Totally hetero

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    i feel like showing up with colored wax on your board is like putting a giant target on your back.

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    Put your board under extremely hot water it will melt it then you can scrape off what's left

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    X3 on the pickle. best thing ive found yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erock View Post
    X2 on the Pickle.
    Ya I gotta stock up on these since they're cheap as hell. Works real good and I've just about run through my first one. Tattered pickle!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hash Slinging Slasher View Post
    Rewaxed my board today. Basecoat goes on fine. I use pink wax for the topcoat thinking it won't go on pink. Mother f, now I have pink wax on my board. Is there any way I can get this ish off?
    Throw your board down in front of your local srrrfrrr grrrls.

    And start licking.

    Winner. Any way you slice it.