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    Question Help, where should we go surfing?

    Dear Surfer,<br />we are a family from Denmark presently in Orlando and returning to Denmark from Miami friday.<br />We would like to try surfing tuesday afternoon, wednesday or thursday, but we have difficulties in finding a place to go. Seems there are no waves. And the forecasts are difficult to read for a non surfer.<br /><br />Could you help, suggest a place?<br /><br />(We have no gear, so we have to rent.)<br /><br />Thanks!<br /><br />Brgds<br /><br />Lars-Erik

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    Isn't there one of those Flowmaster or Flowbarrel places down there? These Danes may not be SOL if so.

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    There should be waves in Cocoa Beach and you can rent a board from Ron Jons or Cocoa Beach Surf Company. It's like a 45 min drive from Orlando

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    We are due for a waist to chest high east swell/ windswell by late Tuesday, certainly on Wednesday and Thursday. Like pcsurfer2 said, Ron Jons in Cocoa Beach is a quick drive, easy to find (just follow the massive billoards) and is open 24/7. The pier is right near the surf shop, but I would suggest going south to about 13th street or 17th Street. There is public access at the east end of all the streets in south Cocoa Beach, and a few good sandbars that are not too crowded. Load up on sunscreen you fair skinned visitors, and have fun.

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    Like others have said, follow the signs for Ron Jon, BUT I suggest you check out Cocoa Beach Surf Company right next to Ron Jon, more better IMO, get a board and walk to the beach, you can park in the parking garage, get lunch right there at the Shark Pit restaurant inside, and if you want to stay over a night you can stay right there at the 4 Points Sheraton, very nice place I might add.
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    typhoon lagoon! LOL