For sale is a pretty rare Stewart longboard surfboard, a Colin McPhillips Performance Noserider. Stewart hasn't made this model for years since Colin went to a different shaper so they are harder to find. It has Colin's signature glassed on the deck right above the tailblock for authenticity.

The board is 9' x 23 1/8" x 3 1/8" with about a 19" nose and 14.5" tail. It has a wider nose outline with full 50/50 rails for solid noserides but then tapers into a pulled in rounded squash tail with harder rails to add turning performance. It's a great all around longboard for someone who likes to noseride and also crank some turns. It's a single fin, triple stringer with a nice wood tailblock to give it a more classic look.

Since the board is older it shows some signs of wear and has had a few repairs but it is solid and watertight. Still a great looking board and a really fun board to surf.

I am asking $450 but would be willing to trade for another single fin longboard. I'm looking for a more dedicated noserider and would be willing to add some cash for the right board. Really interested in a Bing Levitator or similar wide tailed noseriders.

Located in the Wilmington/Carolina Beach NC area.