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    Paddling getting slower?

    First of all, I'd like to say sorry for asking so many questions all the time. Second, I feel like my paddling has been getting slower lately. I'm pretty new, so obviously my paddling isn't up to par with more experienced surfers, but it was still pretty good for a while. I went surfing for about a week straight and a few hours each time and my paddling was slower by the end, but probably just from being tired. I took a break for two days and went back out today but it still feels just as slow. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? Also, I haven't been able to keep the nose of my board up as easily as before even if I'm lying where I normally do on the board and I don't remember the tail feeling as heavy as it does as well. Could my board be waterlogged somehow?

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    to far up on your board move back find our sweet spot. check your board for dings and you will see the water damage its hard not to. i think its all in your head personally just keep paddling harder until you feel the pain and paddle more but dont hurt yourself.

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    This might stupid, but what would water damage look like?

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    You could be going against the tide and currents also. What the sandman said too. That sweet spot will start to move you well. The board won't plane well otherwise.

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    In shoulder deep flat water, float your board so you can see how it planes. Push it forward so you can see how the rocker interacts with the water and where the sweet spot is. That way you can kinda figure out where to lay on your board. Don't forget to put your leash on. I once was frothing so much I paddled out with the leash still wrapped around the fins. It was very difficult paddling out. To increase paddling ability, watch lots of porn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hash Slinging Slasher View Post
    This might stupid, but what would water damage look like?
    Foam will be discolored and if it's been a while since the foam got wet you'll see some dark spots the size of pencil dots. Fresh foam and foam that's been exposed to water look different. Foam that's taken on water will look a bit eaten away.

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    Too many variables to know for sure, like others have said, could be positioning on the board, could be tide / current conditions, could be a water logged board, check for dings and suck on it to see if any water comes out

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    I gotta think that if your board took on enough water to affect it's paddling, you would definitely notice it visually.

    To improve your paddle fitness:
    1. surf a lot
    2. swim regularly (seriously, do this, it will make a huge difference)
    3. do pull-ups / weight training (distant third)

    Also, don't forget to stretch your shoulders every day to increase range of motion and help prevent injury.

    It takes time, you need to build up those muscles. Just keep at it, you'll get there. +1 to what everyone said about finding the sweet spot on your board.

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    Kelly slater once told me to stop dragging my feet in the water when i paddle...Sage advice that really worked for me.

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    What surfdogg said about finding the board's trim sans rider...

    Plus make sure your going deep on the entry paddle. Way past your elbows. Then make sure you follow the complete motion thru the water, all the way to your hips before you lift out of the water.

    Most important, never windmill your arms, or let them go wide - wastes energy. Follow the side of your body with your hand up straight up along the board's rail past your ear, keep it tight, reach out, then repeat.