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Thread: Missed swell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Cosby's nephew View Post
    Forecast looks good for the weekend! I'm probably gonna head south through the OBX and hit multiple spots on my way back to VA beach
    Got in a fun, waist-high session yesterday afternoon at low tide, around 5-630 PM at Dam Neck. Nice surprise. Wouldn't normally report such a thing, except it's been 0-1 around here for so long. Finally got a good workout as well.
    But quite a few surf fishers. Most were set up around the better breaking areas - even where folks were in the water - but that's another thread...

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    I was at the VB ocean front yesterday working on a keg box. fixed the problem but had to wait for the temp to drop before leaving. I was tormented for an hour by sweet (little) waves out front. got a check, grabbed my board out of the truck and got to the water line as the high tide killed it. God Swill. Last night, Croatan was the spot to be. because I wasn't there! You're welcome.

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    The buoys are offshore too and the swell height on here is near shore so there will be some dif as well. I know one of our buoys down here is like 1/4 mile or more offshore.

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    I think what happened was the wind blew NE harder than everyone thought Thur night.