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Thread: Greetings

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    Oh cb it all makes sence now!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddington Jetty Bear View Post
    Dlouren, did you just use a racial slur? How aboot anytime this summer? Do you go to country music concerts? You will go to counseling if you are recorded using a racial slur. Counseling.......
    I'm going to have to plead the fifth on this one. I don't listen to country music, but Riley Cooper does.

    Wrong Way (Sublime) and Ill Communication (Beastie Boys) cover bands will be playing downtown tonight. I'll be fighting every ______ there!

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    @seldomseen - no worries, if you're a metalhead we'll get along just fine.

    Good time at CB this weekend. Was about 3ft and a bit choppy Sat. I just tried to focus on my paddling...committing, paddling hard, getting those extra couple paddles in, and angling my take off. Got a little confidence booster and a good tip from one of our friend's CB crew I hadn't met yet. Apparently he used to compete. Said I was doing well, just needed time in the water, but needed to work on my wave selection. I took it to heart, he was right, I was chasing too much. Sunday was about 3ft and clean. It's kinda weird, but I was both more patient and more aggressive. I found one of the many little sandbars that had a small point to it and just sat and watched for a while till I figured out where it would break right off the edge of the bar. Marked that spot then went out. I stayed patient and just let them pass if they were too far left or right then when one came my way I committed and paddled hard as I could. Rinse, repeat...Just kept working at it until the tide got too low. Wasn't trying to catch the peak, just worked the shoulder but my timing and angles were much better. That PM the tide brought the 3ftr back and the wind switched around and cleaned up again, and I caught another sesh before we had to bail.

    Tired and sore today, but a good sore. Shoulder held up ok, and by not chasing every freaking wave that came in I was able to save my shoulder for actually paddling into the wave instead of burning it out paddling around like an idiot. Didn't take any bad spills either.

    Rode a beautiful 8ft Robert August all weekend. Took some getting used to as it really wants you way up on the nose, but didn't have any problem pearling and was easy to paddle.

    The little one killed it this weekend. She was out surfing by herself before I could get the canopy up. You could just watch her confidence go up and up. By Sunday PM she was hunting waves like mad.