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    thoughts on WRV performance noserider?

    Shaped by Jesse Fernandez...9'2\"

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    Don't know, but I've had two fishes shaped by him that were/are fantastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Losttsol View Post
    Don't know, but I've had two fishes shaped by him that were/are fantastic.
    Yeah, he's got a great reputation as a shaper and charges in the water for an older guy..any one have thoughts on this board. I know there a lot of VB guys on this forum...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jai-Guru View Post
    Shaped by Jesse Fernandez...9'2\"
    Have an 8 foot board shaped by him which for me is my long board.Anyways love the board.
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    If you can find a Doyle, get it. I've had 3. 2, he did on the side. the last off the rack at WRV. The last time I was looking for a board, he tried to talk me into a 9'er. he was talking his new design where he puts a groove the width of a pencil along the wings. I got a 7'2 fish by him instead. Tim Nolte was an apprentice of his.

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    Jesse shapes great boards, go for it

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    WRV for life, dawg. Jesse makes great boards. Him and T. Moore are the names you want on a WRV stick. I see Jesse surfing in obx all the time, the guy shreds. Last time he was on a giant "nugget" model and it looked super fun. I only see tiny ones in the racks at the shop.

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    I have a custom shaped 9'6" triple stringer performance long board by Jesse Fernandez that has finally seen its last day. Its at least 12 yrs old. ( top has a huge delam and the rail split open) This board was awesome I've ridden it in anything from 1' or less to double overhead. I plan on bring in this board back to wrv and having the exact same one built. It has a try fin so on big days I can hold an line. Last few years I've been running a big single rainbow fin. It nose rides pretty well too even ithout any concave.

    I would say get one. They are extremely we built boards.

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    I have an 8'6 performance longboard and 6'5 fish custom shaped by John Lucas over at WRV. They're phenomenal, the guy has been shaping for 30 years and knows what he's doing. Look at his boards, better yet get his number talk to him and get your set up dialed in, he can do it.

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    I have 2 Fernandez shaped WRV 9' performance longboards. One was a custom I had done about 5 years ago, another is a flexlite that he did the original shape on. The WRV flexlites were made for a few years, but not anymore. They were similar to the Tuflites, etc....

    I like the poly board much much better. It just works for me, it's an awesome shape. To me, the flexlite is just too light for my liking. That being said, the flexlite is for sale.