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    Still riding a WRV shaped by Bill Frierson in 1993. Can't go wrong with a longboard from Jesse.

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    Yeh! I have a 9'0 noserider and love it. REally good in bigger waves but also the mini no-see-um waves. My daughter dominates on it.

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    I got the board and road it in small mushy shorebreak and it was FUN. It certainly is not a full on noserider but I have a feeling it will ride anything and invites a forward nose trim....that's what I wanted, I got rid of my tanky noserider a 9-6 "In the pink" that worked good in lined up mush but that was regrets and I'm stoked. Jai

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    WRV kills it! You can't go wrong. J Fernandez has shaped my 2 most recent shortboards and they're spectacular. Never ridden a Mayhem or Al Merrick but can't imagine they are $200 better.