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    Talking Surf Shops in Socal

    Hi everyone,

    I'm traveling to socal in a couple weeks. Flying into San diego, then driving up to LA. Along the way im surfing at different spots, etc. Anyways, i would like to know of some surf shops on that route where i can rent a board from. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    check out the shapers bay features for so cal on surfline. or start checking craigslist for a good used board

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    If longboarder check out Stewart's in San Clemente - its the real deal. Avoid Hanson's near Swami's it is like Ron Johns.

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    Try look, San Diego Surfboard Rentals.
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    Go to I just rented a board from there 2 weeks ago. Only costed me $20 a day. The people are really nice and so are the boards. I got a 5'10 shortboard that was in good condition. Treated me really well. They are located in San Clemente in a warehouse. (its more legit than it sounds). I HIGHLY recommend renting from there.

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    When you get to LA, the guys at Mollusk in Venice are amazing: good prices and really good quality boards.