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    Well I reckon SUP has a mission...........

    And we all know righteous people, like myself, always lose........

    Of course, all the people who enjoy people like me always stand by and do nothing.........

    But it's been a ride..........

    I know how these things go.

    For some reason, surf predictin' sites cater to beginner kooks opposed to seasoned 27 year vets...........Yeah 27 Friggin years. Yeah, I've drifted from 25th St in Surf City to 5th St...........

    Yeah, I've gotten sick from Ciba-Giegy

    Yeah, I've jumped off the boardwalk stairs at 10 St. OC, NJ during a high tide, 6 foot swell.........

    Yeah I had spots all to myself that you'll never see again........

    But, surfing websites are the dominion of the novice, and the uptight.........................

    Such ashame, it's not what this whole thing is supposed to be............

    You guys have it all wrong..........

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    Use the report a post icon, if you want think someone's post is jacked up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    That's the one. Thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    I dunno, I like this place. Suits me just fine the way it is. Gots character. Rough around the edges. Smells funny. Peanut shells and kook confetti (Erock, this is my other favorite new buzzword besides Surf J!h@d!s1) all over the floor. It's dimly lit, meaning there's a few dim bulbs. Just like a good dive bar. And, just like a good dive bar; the writin on the bathroom wall ain't fit for children (i think someone wrote your girl's number in there), someone's gonna talk some sh!1_ n get into fight, someone's gonna go home with an ugly gal and the bartenders seen it all before. The glasses ain't none too clean, but the beers generally cold. Some folks can't hang in such places. Me, well I feel right at home. If you don't like a thread, don't post. Keeps me entertained and gets me through the day when I'm not feelin' creative enough to write some code and just want to ditch work and paddle out. An just like a dive bar, the regulars will keep comin' back, sit at the same stools, readin the same ol' threads and get a chuckle about how some things never change. Every so often, there's some useful or real brilliant sh!+ on here though, you ever hear 'bout Bogeton Wolftucks?

    Also, that blue hurts my eyeballs.
    ^ This.

    "You should respect each other and refrain from disputes; you should not, like water and oil, repel each other, but should, like milk and water, mingle together." - Buddha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    Use the report a post icon, if you want think someone's post is jacked up.
    Just curious, not being insolent or whatever will get me in the doghouse (again).

    May I ask who is the new forum mod that you mentioned? Is it that guy from NJ, last year, who couldn't spell & eventually got himself the hook when he weighed in in favor of anti-semitism? Seriously, I'm just wondering.

    And what are the new forum enforcer's enforcement parameters? Is it his own personal opinion? Say, for example, he doesn't like Jerzee surfers or he doesn't like southerners or he doesn't care for 23' wave riding bench off mongrels?....? Again, just looking for some guidance here.

    It's probably not a terrible thing, but I'm not in favor of aggressive enforcement overall. And this comes from one who has gotten dinged (once, justifiably). Reason being, the 'original' types like the njshredmachine (for example) would never see posting daylight; the forum becomes a pretty bland place; and don't we have enough of that white bread in the world already?

    On the positive side, the relief from thread hijacking might be a small relief, although thread hijacking had become sort of the way & the wander on this forum. And, on the plus side, maybe it puts an end to giant threads of spam whose main purpose is to flog gigantic wooden surfboards. Again....jes' sayin'!

    As one who recently experienced a troll following my every post, the anti-troll device will be interesting to see if enacted properly.

    Anyways, time to stand by & see how it goes I suppose. I agree with the Seen, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    El burro mas macho was my stage name in TJ.
    I seem to remember a weekend in Old Mex where there was a certain performer...'94 '95? That was many shots of tequila ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClemsonSurf View Post
    Stand back all you pathetic, ugly m0therFrs. This is an old fashioned hijacking. Stop what you're doing and remove your clothing, I have some sexually explicit comments that need to be made while offending/insulting you. I will not be threatening you unless you can't comply.

    Now that you're in uniform, we need to get a healthy conversation about sodomy (still illegal in some places) and trespassing.

    By the way, I have a timeshare that's available for rent. All you have to do is donate your surfboard to Wayne and locate yourdirtymama.

    Timeshare, time, share, surf, surfboard, ocean, wave, sand, sun, njshredmachine, roy, roy Stuart, roy Stewart, Stewart army, bench off. Wax, wax off. Kook, sjb>pjb.
    ^^^^Simply EPIC^^^^^

    Well done, sir!

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    Well, boys I guess it comes with the territory...these pansy ass kids they're raisin' these days don't know what it feels like to lose, they give them all medals so nobody's feelings get hurt. Next time the sissy patrol stops by your break, stop what your doing, and hold their hands while you walk them out, let them catch enough waves, so their feelings don't get hurt...and for god's sakes, don't poke fun at anyone on the Internet...I mean that's just ludicrous.

    Why would anybody want to do that?

    In closing, have you ever heard the saying, "****, or get off the pot"...well, damn't I **** everyday and there's no way in hell I'm getting off the pot.

    Thank you. To all my homies, I just want to say that you have made my time here muchos memorabiles. Pura Vida! Mi gusta la cono...and grande titties!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    is there a goodbye post somewhere in this thread? damn, i just love a good bridge-burning, you-won't have-me-to-kick-around-anymore, this-site-sucks-anyway goodbye post...
    Every goodbye post in the last few months has been a cop out. They always come back. Same with the bans lately. They just return with new screen names.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddington Jetty Bear View Post
    Don't worry Mr. SEEN......

    SUP, the quality control expert is here to make sure everybody's posts are in accordance to his wishes.....

    Dude, SUP, you are so off-the-mark it's unbelieveable........

    Seldom Seen likes the stuff that you try and ban by complaining to the moderator.......

    Hey does your latina wife know you are a sissy? They like el burros mas macho.........not cry babies..........

    Hey you keep snitchin, man, when you get to the east coast..........

    MR SEEN, ha ha , you know where to find me....don't be a stranger.........but I have a feeling my time has come......

    You guys should be more like Mr. Seen. He's very casual. He don't complain nor tattle aboot things. He likes dogs and he's up for hijinks.......He has a sense of humor...........

    Man, why do some of youse get so bent over a friggin surf predictin website......????????
    You're so pathetic, I never said anything to the mods, for the 3rd and final time, get off the crack pipe ya junky

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    is there a goodbye post somewhere in this thread? damn, i just love a good bridge-burning, you-won't have-me-to-kick-around-anymore, this-site-sucks-anyway goodbye post...
    Lee? Lee...?? Where you at, Wee Lee?!?

    Come on, sportcoat, break out that combo platter of a F-U-Farewell post you dropped on us last year....y'know the one....
    "Delete my account! That's it! No more posts! You won't hear from me again! You guys are all meanies!"

    Yours was better than Dirty D i ck Nixon's you-won't-have-me-to-kick-around-anymore soliloquy, heck, what you penned might even be on a par with FDR's speech where he took the Fourth Estate & the opposition to task for pickin' on his poor dog Fala, and maybe, just maybe you reached the depths of RR's "there you go again" classic bust-a-move mantra of the 1980's.
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