been lurking here for awhile and i have to say this forum is alright!
as an introduction; i grew up around the ocean, but moved in the great midwest years and years ago. one thing that saved my sanity is a Flowrider. dunno if any of you are familiar with it, but it's one of those man-made waves you see in some waterparks. anyways, i do get to go home once in a great while, so that helps out a bit as well.
last year, me and a friend of mine decided to take a road trip to OBX. i was stoked! can't believe i can hit the water once again.
my question to you guys that's familiar with surf spot in that area: are there any place that's good for bodyboarding? i'm talking shorebreaks and hollow waves. when i was there last year, we were pretty much around nags head, and at one point, s-turn. we planned on going further south but didn't quite make it. we are planning on going again next month. any suggestions???