Dude, while there are "constant" spots, you never know on the Outer Banks. That place is just one big sandbar that people built houses on....sandbars come and go.

So just check spots, dawg. It's easy down there too, because much of the beach road is basically right next to the gosh darn beach.

Maybe, one of the OBXers on here, like Dune, will point you to a current shorebreak-style sandbar. Maybe Bathhouse in Kitty Hawk is dishing it up? I don't know. Hey, stay away from Dune's sister, though. Dune surfs the best pier on the banks. God, I loved that place. At least I loved the old pier. That place used to produce THE BEST sandbars. Hollow, ripable, powerful nugs of bub.

Dude, I hope you score surf, but make sure to lose yourself into the whole Outer Banks experience. It's the last bastion of the free spirit on the east coast, and a spiritual, "ocean" place. That's why everbody is on mind altering substances down there. Watch out for the police down there. They're a bit on the excitable side. Ok, they are overzealous clowns........man, go police a real area like Baltimore.