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    Surf and Action Sports Videos

    Found a new site that is quite interesting.

    Check it out. They have all different types of videos. Mostly concentrating on Surf, Skate and Snow. But they have all different sports. Basically anything that is new, relevant or cool in that particular sport/industry

    Take a look.. you wont be disappointed.

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    Metal neck full video

    such a sick video

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    more for your viewing pleasure..

    a bunch of good videos went up today, This is Mexico. Lowers Harvest and Asher Pacey
    3 good clips to watch

    Anyone have any suggestions? Doesn't have to be just surf videos.

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    New Videos Posted...

    ONE DAY IN THE DESERT - Skeleton Bay, Nambia

    Blue Daze-Shipsterns

    #TBT Andy Irons At Shipsterns

    Alex Knost | California Summer

    And some good snow and skate videos, like Gremlins 2011 snowboard and a new Torey Pudwill skate part. Also the death of Skateboarder MAG

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    A whole mess of new surf videos just went up.. Anyone else digging this site besides me?