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    take that 5 bills and spend on your wifey or lady friend. Here's my reasoning. It's been flatter than a damn piece of plywood and the only barrels you'll be wishing you could get in will be the baby barrel. Spend the money on her and you'll get barreled off your face

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Atom View Post
    Hingham, wow, I'll be in Scituate all weekend with the in-laws. Hoping to sneak out to shred gnar.

    Oh yeah, btw, just buy the damn thing. You know you're going to anyway. You'll weight the pros and cons, and just like any time you want something, the pros will outweigh the cons. I do this at least once a week. So go for it...sell an old board to sort of make up for it...whatever helps you get over the buyer's remorse.
    Hey Mad Atom, coming to my neck of the woods, ey? Hate to break it to you man but there won't be any swell here this weekend. And I mean nothing! However, Noreaster surf shop is doing their midnight madness sale Saturday night FYI. If you have absolutely nothing to do, it's a fun way to trick yourself into buying an overpriced board. I can't be tempted but maybe you can!

    Oh, and if you see some crazy guys surfing off the back of a boat that's probably me. Wave from the beach and I'll send some spray your way!