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    emass.jpghey emass, dont forget to bring your arm floaties

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisurfr View Post
    one more thing ... if you do bring your boards ... get some bubble wrap or that foam pipe insulation from home depot. I used that to wrap my rails and no issues there, 2 six-or 8 foot section and cut once down the middle, fits right over the rail .... it was my deck that got dinged. Really no big deal ... just annoying since it was a new board.
    Bubble wrap won't save your deck. Reason being, the baggage chimps heave the 60 lb suitcases in on top of your board bag, and the corner of one of those behemoths will punch straight through bubbly wrap.

    Far better to wrap the rails in pipe wrap, as DL has mentioned, and put a thin layer of cardboard and / or more split-open pipe wrap over your deck to distribute impacts, then finish it off with the plastic wrap to give your board a bit of spatial protection from luggage corners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    Can't wait on these cat-string playing chicks that won't make the whole trek from West Africa, and I've damn near ripped the waves in the pave of EMass dry with several hour sessions on the Carver board each day. It's time to pack up a slice of the quiver, a few pairs of baggies, and some tropical wax and head out where scoring won't be a myth, legend, or focal point of forum folklore.

    What do you brahs bring for provisions on trips to Central America? I'm always one to be well-prepared, although overpacking is almost as bad as underpacking. I've got a spacious carry-on for my trunks, a couple tees, maybe reef boots and sneaks and that's about it other than my checked board bag with 2 sticks. This trip will be 90-95% surfing, with the remainder being an inability to go somewhere new and third world (ES=tenth) and not have some things to see and people to do. Don't anticipate any seven-course meals at ritzy joints, so I'm leaving the sensible pants at home.

    I've traveled quite a bit internationally over the last decade, but this is my first real surf trip involving aviation. What do you guys bring when you go so you have what you need but not weighed down by too much? Any and all comments are welcome. Especially those pertaining to handling the real 8-10'!

    For this, your vewwwy first surf twipp, you should purchase only a one-way ticket. You don't want to miss any incoming swells, right...?

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    People missed a couple things here but lots of good advice>>>>If you have more than a medium sized backpack and you boardbag you have over packed. All of this stuff I mention is SMALL!

    1) headlamp
    2) COPY of passport if yours gets nicked
    3) Dont bring a towel bring a sarong....1/4 the weight, 1/4 the space, dries in 1/4 the time
    4) mini speakers

    5) an aux cable/fm transmitter if you are renting a car---clearly music is important to me
    6) Two sturdy straps....Your boards can be lashed to the top of any car with these as long as they are in their bag and packed well. Must be packed in board bag
    7) A crappy blanket for the cold plane ride that you can throw away when you get off the plane
    8) Ding putty (FCS all deck) not sun cure. Lasts longer, easier to use, not as messy. Pack in board bag
    9) Reading if it is on a tablet of some sort

    have fun!

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    Allergy medicine

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    Don't bring antibiotics. You can buy them without a prescription at any pharmacy in CA for 1/4 the price of the US. In fact, get some on your trip to bring back. Also, if you are super white like me, you want to think about having a surf hat. Most of them are kookish with a chin strap etc. I just make a leash round a trucker hat and put that around my neck. Rarely lose the hat anyway and it has stood up to some crazy heavy days at places like Catalina and some remote Mexican beachies. have fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnPatrolSUP View Post
    You can bring all those things, you just have to put it in the checked baggage, not in the carry on. Just got back from PR not too long ago and that was how we did it.
    good point i forgot about that.

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    Wow. SI at its best. Thank you so much braddahs. I'm humbled by your offerings of experienced knowledge and how helpful they are. I'll take a single post and consolidate responses that I have further questions or comments on. I've researched this for months and lots of what was listed I've already got on lock, but so much more was simple yet can't live without. You guys are great. Thank you again! Hope I can return the favor from time to time in any way possible.

    Going to ES. Have extra travel insurance with high coverage and low deductible that I got for very cheap and it was highly reviewed. One MAJOR question: should I get all Hep shots and the other immunizations up to date? Where is a cheap walk-in clinic to get this done quickly and inexpensively...CVS? Is there an incubation period where they wait to become effective by the production of antibodies? Don't want to ruin my trip getting very ill not to mention coming home with something contracted. Not sexy.

    What other items should I bring to barter? Could bring tons of local stickers and tees that aren't available mainstream. What do quality sticks command down there on the resale? I've got a dozen in the quiver and really only use 4-5 if ever. $100 to bring two boards on the way down that I could sell there to minimize my nut spent overall.

    Stay on the surf camps and do any type of all-inclusive meals, airport transport, trips to different breaks, video and photo work, and have it all one-stop shop that I'm investing in that'll take good care of me rather than a la carte through many vendors that I'll have far less rapport with each?

    Guys, you just gave me the beginnings of a How-To for different travel trips that could be made into stickies for the forums if not in existence already. Great work and thanks so much again. Been so looking forward to this trip and you guys know how hard I've worked to advance myself. It's been a solid month to two months where my next major turning point was dependent not on filling big gaps in skill proficiencies (though we will ALWAYS be refining those) but far more with getting time in perfect or even very good waves.

    You guys are great. Thanks again!

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    For ES, you will definitely need to have access to antibiotics. I have not been there but have seen the months it takes for lower extremity wounds to heal on my friends who went. You also need to make sure you have something you can pull out urchin spines with as well. Hydrogen peroxide and alcohol for your ears is also a good idea.

    The river that empties out at the top of Punta Roca is basically La Libertad's sewer system. It's a world-class wave in 3rd world water.

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    yo bring some tums, that rice and beans going to make you ssssshhhhhhhiiiiiiiiittttttttttt. Activia got nothin' on central american cuisine.

    Speaking of, bring your own roll of like quad ply tp or even some baby wipes. You will see why as soon as you grab a sheet on the john. they use this super recycled single ply BS, i don't know man, ticos cray.

    Flash lights. Bring a GOOD pocket sized flash light. Street lights are rare and you want to be able to see what is in your path. Snakes come out to absorb the heat left in the asphalt at night. I came about 6' from a fur de lance but luckily I could see a reflection in it's beady little eyes so I swung wide. A bite from one of them, 6 hours from a hospital, fahgetaboutit! Snakes down there are no joke, I'm lucky that one didn't get my drunk gringo ass just on general principal.

    you looking for trees? Find it in the day time. The other type of snake is out at night.

    If it's late, at a busy club, and a tica wants to "dance", odds are at least 50/50 that you are probably being propositioned. Bring some rubbas.

    boards... well you mentioned central america, not cr specifically. You don't need to bring a board to CR. I'd even go as far as to call it silly. Panama, nica, el Salvador, etc are different story. If you are making a proper road trip bring one. If you are flying into CR, just rent, man. There are a dozen shops in Jaco that rent really nice boards. I hate seeing my sticks get beat up, I rarely bring boards anywhere these days.

    bring me?
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