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    summer board build

    my bud and I just finished two small wave boards this summer. He's a bigger dude and made a 6'3 PU/PE swallow tail quad and I made my third attempt at a mini simmons type shape. Its 5'8 EPS/Epoxy. Here's a little bit about the process: both templates were just cardboard shapes scabbed together from other boards:

    Shaped Mini Simmons in the background, swallow tail template on blank about to be cut:

    Cutting the outline with a jigsaw:

    Cleaning up the curves with some sandpaper glued to a block of wood. This is a really critical step IMO.

    Cutting the rail bands:
    <br />Tuning the rails with some drywall screen:

    The ghetto 20 year old O'Fishl jig that still works perfectly for Futures Boxes:
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