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    Here's a question for you coastal folks. How come so many of you were uninsured? Maybe you don't have mortgages?

    The only way anyone in my neck of the woods can get away without having wind & hail, flood, and general homeowners insurance is if you own your house. I think it's pretty naive, even with the freak storm like Sandy, to not protect your investments with some insurance.
    I live on the bay and have no mortgage. i self insure by having money put away in case. To repair my house from a flood its repair the floors, a four foot rip of the 1st floor walls, and landscaping. All of which i can do myself. I just need money for the material. We keep appliances and utilities high and everything else we move to the 2nd floor when the storm is on the way. Floods happen even without a storm here. You live here long enough you get used to it and deal. Hey I also don't have the best of everything. This is not the place for Wainscoting, a Subzero fridge, and a Viking Stove.
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