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    Quote Originally Posted by kurebeachsurfer View Post
    Legless weaklings... Hmmm you must be referring to the paralyzed victims I help. Classy... Go ahead and also pick on the vision impaired children I helped surfed this past weekend. We helped 19 kids surf that were either blind or mostly blind..
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    Can someone please catfish his avatar. I KNOW it's not him....
    Hey man! Glad to see you're still doing such great things, keep it up man amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeDev View Post
    This JackA** is myself, as well as every other real surfers from NJ. i know most of us who grew up surfing here are the total fools and the idiots on MTV. been surfing 28 years here as well as hunting and fishing some beautiful barrels in Central NJ. Sorry you folks have to deal with fools like us and others like me!
    Thanks Joeys for your honesty

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    JoeDev, there is no such thing as Central Jersey. You're either north or south. The Mason-Dixon line runs straight west to east from Trenton to Barnegat Light. Anywhere north of that line is NORTH, and anywhere south is SOUTH.

    Now listen up kiddos, I don't care aboot either side concerning Shredmachine, like Gruvi, he needs to update his act once in a while to keep things fresh, but

    But, holy mackrel, you guys insult him while he's on(a day to a week), and then once he get thrown in the SWELLINFO PENALTY BOX, all y'all keep using his lines. I don't particularly like constant references to 23 foot waves and bench pressing, but I don't tell people how or what to post. But everyday, and I mean everyday, someone will make a Shredmachine reference, even people who hassle him when he's around.

    So what is it? Do you like him or not? If not, then stop talking aboot 23 foot waves every single day and making bench pressing references.

    And if y'all don't like him, then why do you flock to anything he posts? Man, it's like the swallows of Capistrano, ya know what I am be sayin' ? I think some of y'all enjoy hating upon a cracker. Plus, it gives y'all a bonding experience.