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Thread: NYC to so cal

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    NYC to so cal

    So I'm here in southern Cali for 5 days with family and trying to surf as well. It seems as traveling 3,000 plus miles to get away from a flat spell hasn't worked here as well. I'm hoping someone can help me out with some type of spot to surf anything. I'm also trying to get my brother back in the water after a year plus of not surfing. Long board spot hollow barrel secret spot I'll pay to surf at the point. Pm me or drop me an email

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    Depends where you are in so cal but if you want the best swell window you gotta go to Orange County. I would check out southern Orange County, like near Calrsbad and Trestles. I guess its technically San Diego County. Trestles pretty much picks up any swell that might be out there. Good luck.

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    malibu is good at nearly any size, miles of points around every bend in the road and usually not to crowded

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    Thanks guys for the replys. Found some spots gotta get a board and hit it. It's rideable and if I get lucky Thursday I may score something bigger than knee high but I'll take it