So i'm getting to the point in my surfing where i'm trying to get more out of each wave. I'm in the intermediate skill level I believe and need some tips on getting to the next level. I have no issues catching waves that are HH and under, but i'd like to extend my rides a bit more and get more turns, snaps, cutbacks, floaters, etc., but more than anything I really want to get my rail game dialed in. "Power Surfing" is a term some use, I just really like big carving turns. I want to get higher on the face more often, and I want to capture more of the waves energy for speed.

I know that a lot of what I can do has to do with the type of board i'm riding and what that type of board is designed for, so I don't want to try and fit a square peg in a round hole so-to-speak. I have several boards but the one i'm talking about currently is my 6'4" Coil Flashback Fish. It's 21.5" Wide x 2 3/4" thick but foiled nicely at the rails, with a slightly pulled in swallow tail, flat bottom w/slight V out the back and a decent amount of nose rocker for some steeper drops. I'm nowhere near maxing out the potential for this board, so some help in getting this thing humming would be appreciated. Think of a cross between a HPSB and Fish. This board is my stepping stone to a true HPSB, so keep that in mind when thinking of what it's designed for.

As for bigger waves (HH-DOH), i'm able to catch them, but I'm not quite where I want to be, the largest I've caught on this thing is probably around 8ft, but with less regularity and less control. I want to make these days as consistent as the smaller days eventually. Most of this is mind set I realize and getting use to that size of a drop and throwing yourself over the ledge, but any tips are welcomed. Thanks.