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Thanks guys, so tell me more about where my upper body and foot positioning, I can pay attention to this all I want but if I don't know what i'm looking for I'll just be looking at myself with a big question mark. I know that my turns start with my head, then shoulders, then waist, etc., and I think I understand foot placement, but I usually rely on instincts, gotta remember I started out skateboarding back in the day, lots of muscle memory still from that. I'm 5'9" and my board is 6'4", any thoughts?
Also get an Indo board. It will help your foot placement, stance and your ability to coil and uncoil to produce speed and power in your movements, generated from the hips and lower body and translated to the upper body and the board itself. And TC Redlines are good in big surf. I like them in pumping waves almost as much as the Sunny Gs.