A few years ago, the City of St. Pete Beach decided it would be a good idea to start experimenting with the Beaches. In particular a Beach known as Upham Beach. It used to be a realy fun wave on a good N.W. swell from coldfronts. Now they have placed Geo-tubes in T formations on the beach. They arre there to protect 2 Condos, that where built way to close to the water to begin with. Originaly burried underneath millions of yards of dredged sand, they are now fully exposed, and not doing what they are supposed to be doing, in the 1st place. And to top it all off, they are planning on replacing, the allready dangerous ( and they are only geo-textile fabric right now) T-bags with Rocks and concrete. WTH????? I don't get it, are they nuts? Who knows, after all they are Politicians LOL.
If you all could please take a moment and sign this eletronic petition, it would realy help our fight. I know we are not Tresles, or any of the Epic breaks around the World, but it is one of our only truely wind protected spots here on the Gulf Coast. Thank you for any and all help you can give. And please feel free to pass this along to others. Thanks again.

link to petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/free-upham-beach