Aww man, Fleetwood Mac did some b!tchen stuff, man. Gold Dust Woman is killer. Journey's outro solo on Stone in Love is just magic, man.........magic.

Jack Johnson is perhaps the most boring performer in the world. Highly touted amongst psuedo-hippies and new-aged vegan types. Just horribly plain, vanilla and boring. Jack Johnson is the reason black people dislike white people.

In my opinion(which tends to be verdad) the 90's saw the last of anything good in popular music. I don't mean "pop" per say as in Top Forty, but stuff that people actually hear and know. Jane's Addiction, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, STP and Nirvana was the last era of good stuff.

Though Pearl Jam and Nirvana had this thing against being "commercial." Cobain mocked Pearl Jam for being "commercial," which was a joke. PJ played what they wanted to play. They didn't "sell-out." And ironically, Cobain was availed a platform to say such things through his "commercial" popularity. Cobain was just a tad jealous that Pearl Jam was a much more talented, musically sophisticated band. I like Nirvana, but they were a glorified garage band. Jeez, Kurt had to have other guitaritst back him up on stage, he was certainly no Randy Rhoads to begin with.