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Aww come on Kookie just PM, Charles, and tell him THE SPOT. Dude, it's not like he's going to go back home to Maine, and tell everyone there......and all of Maine's surfers will decide to move to Cape Cod.

Since I have special powers, I'm pretty sure, Charlie, isn't the boastful type who's going to yap to anyone who'd listen aboot the sick bubs he scored on Cape Cod.....

You can trust people from Maine. Really, I'm serious. They sit up there and look down on the madness further south and just smile.
Lies, all lies.

PS - I'm following this thread so there could be an extra 2 surfers per year from Maine on the Cape. Just an FYI in case the lineup looks a bit thick. You'll know it's us because we like to wear shorties w/ booties until November.