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You're in Wilmington, right? Is this for your senior project? If so, you should check out the oyster recycling program. That's what I did for my senior project. I had a blast helping out and I learned a lot about our local ecosystem.

It starts with our local Stump Sound oyster population, which is struggling to survive due to over harvesting. Over harvesting just doesn't affect the oysters - it affects our local fish population. Local fish use the oyster estuaries to lay their eggs. The estuaries offer protection from larger predators and fishermen alike. So when the oyster estuaries are over harvested, our local Stump Sound population struggles as does our local fish population; especially the flounder.

The North Carolina Oyster Shell Recycling Program collects used shells, from local restaurants, for estuary deposits. Once the shells are clean, the team will dump them into the river, essentially creating an "oyster shell stockpile." Oysters start out as free floating organisms that stick to objects, like recycled oyster shells. The plan is that the recycled stockpile becomes a new estuary after a few years. In doing so, these man-made estuaries become a new haven for local fish. It's a win-win for our region.

One of the highlights of working with the program was the Flat Bottom Girls Flounder Tournament. Once we weigh the flounder, they are shipped to Brunswick County for breeding purposes. The flounder offspring are then released nearby the new estuaries; hopefully, to find a new home and future breeding spot for years to come. The tournament goes down in November, so get on it!

My mentor was Tim Barefoot, from Barefoot Fishing Rods. He's a cool dude and he knows his stuff. I don't have his number anymore, but I'm sure you can find it online. If you do, make sure to tell him DL says "hello" and that I owe him a beer for helping me ace my senior project.
Yes I'm in Wilmington, and it's for senior project.

The problem was with most of the ideas I or others have suggested, a solid product wasn't manageable, but this will make for a solid product and project.

Thanks for the awesome topic, I might pm you if I need anymore details.