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I'm sure if you look up Emasspicoli, he'd be willing to show you around, he seems like a good dude.
Yeah, brah. I'll show him around. We will forgo the surf breaks since there's way more to see in a tour starting in New Bedford then going to Fall River, Taunton, Chelsea, Revere, Lynn, Lawrence, Lowell, continuing down 495 through Worcester to heckle all the Massholes in Section 8 housing before shotting over to WMass via the Pike to Pittsfield then veering finally to 91 for hotbeds such as Springfield, Chicopee, Greenfield, then finally getting his stoke on by charging the standing wave in the Connecticut River in Holyoke where I will leave him to assimilate with the locals there. While only 2 murders last year in a population of a mere 39k, it scored a stellar 11.35 violent crimes per 1,000 residents putting it in the Top 5. Let's see what he comes out looking like after trying to commandeer that "lineup" that is only found in the local precinct.