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    Hell with it, if it's a nice board ride it, it's the price of you holding it for him. Three years is a long time bro. Ya know any longer this, this dude is not coming back for it. I had the same thing happen to me years ago, good friend left his board, moved away, kept his board for a few yrs., finally I started to let my son ride it. He came over after about five yrs. never said anything about it, still friends and life goes on...

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    hey thats how i got my first board.many years ago when i was in highschool,a buddy asked if i wanted to go surfing.i didnt even know what surfing was at the time,nor how its done.we went out late september and the waves were pretty scary for me at the time.we had no leash,no idea on how to surf lol,and we used candles to wax the board.for 5hrs did nothing but get absolutly annihilated with no accomplished rides,but i loved the feeling of the ocean and getting thrashed around.after a few trips to the beach and still not being able to ride,i asked to borrow the board for a few weeks.the board we were riding was a 7'2'' semi gun,used for surfing waves like 12ft one day in belmar during a hurricane swell i paddled out,still no leash,took a wipeout,board washed in,i got sucked out in a eventually i make it back to the beach and a bunch of kids are laughing at me for my board like what are u doing out here on that that was the day i learned that i havnt caught a wave because of the board i was on,which was super thin and real buddy and i lost contact since school ended,so i traded the board in for a 6'2'' that i still ride today.the 6'2'' been through so much abuse im surprised its still in one one day in december,i hear of a good noreaster swell coming so i drive down to exit 63 off the pkwy which is lbi.i go rent a fullsuit and a 8ft longboard.after so many attempts on the 7'2'' i thought id never be able to surf,the day i rented that longboard i paddled for my first wave and rode it all the way down the line like it was so friken easy.after a few hours on that i went out on a 6'8'',caught a few more waves and i was good to go.the waves were breaking on an outer sandbar that day and it was quite a paddle out,especially on a always paddle out in the craziest of conditions since im a pretty good swimmer and get my azz beat for hours and come in feeling so happy and felt like a new my old boss used to say,a day of paddling is better than a day of nothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by waterbaby View Post
    unless you have an agreement or the person is paying you rent for storage, it's yours as soon as he/she leaves it.
    Agreed... and Legally sound, abandoned property. Enjoy.

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    if you can baptize your boards, they wont be left behind.