Has anyone who's been surfing the VA Bch area consistently the past couple weeks experiencing lower GI problems, i.e., the runs? Not meaning to get too personal here, but I've been having symptoms off and on for the past 2 weeks. They seem to correspond with my sessions. I've been getting out at least 4 X per week lately, and during the past 2-plus weeks the water has been reddish brown with a stronger than usual fishy smell. I attributed that to some red tide we seem to be experiencing here. Maybe I inadvertently swallowed too much of the stuff, or perhaps my "surf immunity" isn't adequately developed.

In addition to this reddish brown soup and washed up on the beach at Dam Neck late yesterday and this morning was the upper half of a large loggerhead turtle. It's head was almost as large as a basketball. It had been cut right in two - presumably by a ship's prop.