Tomorrow's forecast for Nantasket Beach in Hull, MA (for Monday September 16, 2013)


Waist to stomach high SSE extra long period swell for the morning with occasional chest high sets. This drops in the afternoon with occasional 3 to 4 times overhead high sets.

Clean in the early morning with WSW winds 5-10mph.

Jesus, if there were really true, I'd be jumping up and down! What happened

Christ, I'd quit life itself if it was that big on the drop in height?

What's going on with the Hurley Pro Trestles but hey, there might be some Humberto lines tomorrow - so don't plan on going to work or to school until you check the waves in the AM!

Yo dudes, I don't smoke anything but I don't blame you - I would probably resort to something in my pipe if I had to watch the ocean every day - so do what you need to do, ok?

But if someone near Cape Cod has a boat, please go out today and see if there any long-period swells. Thanks.