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Thread: CB North end

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    Quote Originally Posted by babybabygrand View Post
    oh and the ****ING SMOKERS. Why drive all the way to a beach get all your **** out just to sit and try and smoke a cigarette in a gale force wind? Then proceed to not keep up with your butts and they end up blowing away and in the lineup... or in some kids sand castle?!? For **** sakes stay home smoke breathers! Sorry for all the parlez francais but I just experienced this and am quite irate!
    haha I love how SI censored my potty mouth! sorry kiddies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlrouen View Post
    Take a deep breath, DL. Remember that the town loves you and that your police force really needed that monster truck.
    That sawed-off fat ass pig (not in the Cop sense, in the physical sense... even though he is a cop) who drives said truck is the biggest POS I have ever encountered in CB--right up there with some of the WB cops if you can believe it.

    Monster Truck Pig Story: Second comp of the year was held at Sandpiper, it was May, rainy and cold so there weren't a whole lot of people on the beach other than those at the comp--we had the Sandpiper lot full. Towards the end of the day I ran out to my car to change and that cop is sitting in his truck in the middle of the parking lot. He sees me, gets out of his truck and immediately asks for my license, registration and proof of insurance. I'm not even in my car, wallet is back on the beach with the rest of my stuff. He told me he would wait for me to get my wallet. Well, he gets done shaking me down (I ALWAYS drive with everything up to date and legal), gets back in his truck and I see what he's doing--running every single license plate in the lot.

    Long story short, after the contest when everyone he gives a hand full of citations for expired registrations and/or out of date inspections, pops someone else for driving without a seatbelt because they were putting it on as they were leaving the parking lot AND I saw he had someone else pulled over by the boat basin as I was leaving the beach.

    I'm sure he felt great and accomplished that day... gotta pay for that big ass truck somehow!

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    Oh the phucking the forecast has changed from 7mph winds to 20mph NNE winds across the Maybe it will change in the next couple days. If not then hopefully next weekend.