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Thread: locals vs pros

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    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    Wassel gets to live the dream and he shreds harder than I ever could, but, he is a total toolbag.

    I love the end of the locals video... "why you sharpen yo knife? we not scared of you bro"... "you not going to come here any more, that's it"
    +1 Wassel and the guy on the ski are both douchebags. F 'em!

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    jet ski with paintball gun

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    yup, seen this same exact scenario every winter in the Islands. pros visit and it's almost impossible to catch a wave.
    tahitians need to police their break. have a set rule as in no tow-ins when it's less than 15 feet. and yeah, wassel is a d!ck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Koki Barrels View Post
    +1 Wassel and the guy on the ski are both douchebags. F 'em!
    agree 100%, kid could of died.

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    Here's a question.

    If you play basketball at your local YMCA ever day / week for years, is it OK for a group of NBA pros show up on occasion and take over the court basically making the local guys who play there all the time not welcome to the court until they leave? Would this behavior be tolerated in other arenas? I know surfing and B Ball are not the same, but it's all about turf and who has more "right" to it right?

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    awesome quote that sums up the whole 'locals' issue:

    The sea is not owned by any person or group. Locals have custodial rights and an obligation to keep their spot orderly.

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    I think someone should have gotten fitzpedo'd for this...

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    The local made a ridiculous decision to drop in on a wave that could kill someone. I can't stand dropping in, even on two footers. However I completely understand this guy John's frustration, and I'm behind the locals on this. For whatever reason this Dave guy's video really annoyed me. There are so many things wrong with it. First off, the fact that a Hawaiian lifeguard would leave a tired paddler out at sea in surf that big with no board makes me doubt the fact he's a decent human being.
    I can't hate on a guy for not being the brightest, but holy shi*. Let's just say good thing he's able to make a living surfing. Sharpening a knife during the entire interview? Probably the most transparent and douchiest attempt I've ever seen to appear tough. The kid's half his age and size and he still needs a machete to illustrate how tough he is? Then threaten the locals saying you'll be back in six weeks?
    Even the sign at the spot says no towing under 12 feet. I don't even care that he's boogieboarding because at least he's still paddling.
    Dave points out that he's been doing it forever, again hints at how awesome he is, and intelligently notes that apparently only a double overhead bomb can give him "a full body erection" (implying he's cooler than all the lowly, pathetic local guys who don't have sponsors and planes to fly them there and have to wait all year frothing over waves like that). I don't know, Wasselhoff looked like a neck-less ape until he opened his mouth, and he still managed to blow me away with the verbal diarrhea that followed. how can you not get behind the locals on this? Guys like him are going to force the tahitians to localize and lose that awesome , true aloha attitude that's so rare anywhere else in the world.

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    This happened in May, I'm pretty sure. Was going to post something here but didn't wanna start some surf/bb bull$hit. Wassel's such a douche, the knife, the "oh i thought he wanted to share the wave", such passive aggressive bs.
    Can you blame the Sap locals for not wanting their wave to turn into the zoo that Chopes is? Also, say what you want about Duval's drop in, that took balls of steel. He clearly knew he was going over the falls and said eff it, talk about taking one for the team.

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    Karma's a *****.... and when you're doing extreme sports like surfing you need all you can get! Wassel will pay for that, may not be today or tomorrow but it'll catch him!

    Would be a perfect scenario if he were drowning and the only guy around was a tahitian body boarder named John! Course John is the type of person that would extend a hand no matter what!

    John, you are the real "Pape Tane"!