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    AINP was actually open this morning and I surfed until 12pm. I didn't see anyone corralling people out or any barricades, but I did hear from the Dispatch that AI will be closed.
    Remember, this is Fed gov, State side should remain open for those looking to surf.
    Additionally, gates were up so no charge for this AM, even though I have a pass.

    And yes, it was really really good this morning, you missed it.
    Actually, when I arrived at AI national at 0830 yesterday it was absolutely closed. NPS vehicles & barricades blocked the roadway to the wild side. Everyone who wanted to surf had to go stateside or the state campgrounds.

    You must have connections to bypass all those park rangers & surf that national side....? Or maybe you were confused as to your exact locale...?

    Stateside was decent in the morning through low at 1125-ish, and it was even ok through high tide into the afternoon but the long lulls were, well, long. Last week was better.
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