Hey everyone I have two surfboards I am trying to sell. There is nothing wrong with these boards, they are just too big for me. I have taken great care of these boards, and they are in great shape, no dings except for the pressure ding/dents on the decks, which is normal with channel islands boards.

The first is a channel islands fishcuit which is the ultimate groveler. You can ride this board in just about any kind of small wave, from about half a foot up to head high is the range of conditions you can ride this board in. The dimensions of this board are 5'8"x 20 1/4"x 2 3/4". It is just too much foam and a little to long for my preference. This board is only about a year old, and was sitting in the racks of the shop where I bought it for about 6 months before I bought it. There are only a few pressure dings on the deck. I have only ridden this board maybe 3 or 4 times. It comes with a quad set of fcs fins, and a channel islands fishcuit tail pad. I am looking to get $350 for this board or best offer.

The second board is a channel islands whip. This board is pretty much Kelly Slater's version of the original flyer, with a few minor tweaks. This board is great for waves from about knee high to over head. It excels in mushy waves, however it can handle more quality surf too. The dimensions of this board are 6'0"x 19" x 2 3/8". This board is just a bit too big for me and I want something different because I already have a bunch of small wave shortboards. This board was my friend's board who ordered directly from channel islands, however he only got to surf this board twice before he was in a car accident, after the accident he couldn't surf anymore and gave me the board. I only surfed it maybe 4 times. This board looks great, it has a blue paint job under the glass that fades from dark blue at the tail to white at the nose. This board is a great all around board for here in florida. This board only has a few pressure dings, as well as one small ding on the rail that was fixed before the board ever saw water again. This board comes with a dakine traction pad, and a set of fcs thruster fins. I am looking to get $350 for this board or best offer.

I will sell both of these boards together for $650 and not a penny less!!

If you have any questions please call or text me at (973)-796-6429 ask for will, I don't check the forums that often so this is the best way to reach me. I am located in St. Augustine Beach florida, and I can meet you if you need me to. We can also arrange a time where you can test ride one of the boards, but only if you have cash in hand.