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    Best wave/location for first barrel?


    I am no where at the skill level to be riding tubes, but all i watch is vids wishing I were. I know some are faster, more hollow, more punishing, etc.

    If someone's goal was to ride a barrel(crouched or standing up) as soon as they were at the skill level....what location/wave do you think would be the idea place to get the first one. I guess I am asking what barreling wave would be the most forgiving or require the least time aqcuiring skills to paddle out to?

    Probably a dumb question,..but it is a dumb question that has been on my mind for a while.

    Sorry if wrong sub forum section. didnt see any section on skills, training, or learning

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    All the answers to your questions can be found in Deal, New Jersey.

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    The kind without sharp reefs under them.
    East coast beach breaks are probably good to learn barrel riding. You can get barrelled when it's like waist hight at times. That, or a mellow peeling point like Rincon.

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    NJ never barrells, you should go to Florida it barrells all the time over there. Tubes for days.

    Florida or Hawaii.

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    Pipeline. Yep, definitely Pipeline.

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    Give Mavericks a try, the reefs about 60 feet below the surface so you won't eat reef, you'll probably just drown.

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    If a guy wants to get tubed, maybe sarcasm isnt the answer?
    Even though he was making a funny, I would agree with seldom seen, until the sand pumped happened Ocean County and MC NJ had some rather user friendly barrels, comparatively, short paddle outs, but somewhat unforgiving waves

    OBX can shack for days too.

    I know Clemson surf was being sarcastic, but Fl has some of the least tubular waves aside from SC and GA on the whole EC, from my experience.
    My gawd I hated FL, I reckon some spots have their day, but as a whole its waves are suited for geriatrics, and the spots that do tube will have more bros out with entitlement attitudes than you can shake a stick at

  8. From your profile it says you live in So Cal. The Wedge is super user friendly. Theres tons of places in So Cal when there is swell and wind. Just take off deeper than you think you should.

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    Jersey in the winter. Cold, heavy and pitching!

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    OBX on a hurricane swell (not in 2013 though) but yeah if you are going to do it do it right, head straight to Pipeline in the winter and go for it!