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Wow. While I've been absent to chart the escalating hostility in this thread, Just checked in for my morning dose of SI and came upon this. Using the parlance of our times, I'm 'lmfao'. Boys, I know it's choppy with a lot of drift, but isn't there some swell in the water? Chuck there's been some serious drift the past couple days save some shoulder energy dude!

240 for 8 on the bench isn't bad...but Chuck, don't go advertising that 320 squat dude, at your siaze, should be 450 easy. Please don't use the sonic ear clap on me for saying that.
True dat on the squat. And don't consider it even a conversation if you're not at the very least to a 90 degree parallel, preferably lower. I literally don't lift these days anymore due to daily hours on the Carver and the waves and keeping diet very clean. I'm 175 and can lay down on an incline bench and put 225 up 6-8x on incline any day not lifting in a while. That equates to 125-133% greater on flat bench. When I was doing comps at the 198 class, I did 225 for 22 reps on flat bench and my best ever was 315 for 6 at a body weight of 212. Back then when I did bother to squat I would rep 405 for 12, and 20 reps sets if they were breathing (pausing in btwn reps) squats.

In no way am I tooting my own horn here, just putting into perspective that you shouldn't go listing lift stats unless they're relatively impressive. This ain't meant to be about me at all brahs, I don't even currently lift or care about it. 240 for 8 on flat at 220lbs body weight (what RoyCharles boasted), well I had HS teammates that could do that and strength only goes up with age because of progressive maturation of the neuromuscular connection and motor unit recruitment over the course of your life. The guys that win lift comps are commonly upper 30s sometimes older.