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    Last Friday I got out because I saw what looked to be a good sized Hammerhead dorsal just past the breakers. It was huge (2ft fin) and upright and the way it submurged was slow. I went back in after a few minutes, but just couldn't enjoy myself.

    This is the sharkiest time of the year here in FL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 34thStreetSurfing View Post
    Are sharks more inclined to bite if the waves are firing?
    I would think that when it's firing we are more vulnerable as we tend to hit the water more often and are going through the spin cycle a lot more and as a result we are scrambling to get back on our boards and back out past the breakers and into another wave, during all this your heart rate is increased moreso than when it's calm out, and you know they can sense that sh*t. Sharks can swim inside the waves and are not at all awkward in the water, as it is their domain and they are supreme water animals, we humans are as akwward as it gets in the water compared to other creatures, even the best of swimmers /surfers probably appear as one of the weakest links in that domain. With crashing surf comes other confused and disoriented animals as well, so they probably use that to their advantage when hitting pods of bait fish, seals, etc., this is all speculation of course