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    not much difference. Depending on the war, it could actually be better. You are proposing GROSS abuses of govt power. Are you a big fan of Margaret Sanger by any chance??
    Without picking sides here, arent forced sterilization and wars both exercises of government power? You seem to be implying that sterilization is some sort of government action, while war isn't? Really?

    Pumpmaster - I'm curious how you would answer this:
    Which would you view as the greater abuse of gov't power, and why:

    1) Government A sterilizes women following delivery of their __ child (lets say 2 or 3 for sake of argument) for alleged economic reasons.
    2) Government B invades another country and kills people for alleged religious or economic reasons, including bystanders

    Also as a means of population control, wars seem like a very costly, economically harmful, environmentally devastating way to reach that same end.
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