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    Yea I was in Portugal in 2010 for non surf related vacation but clearly I like to surf so i rented a board. Cave was probably 5-7 feet (faces) but it was a very powerful wave that would sometimes warp and bubble. Its very deceiving from the cliff. Im just a average surfer and that wave scared the hell out of me.Sometime perfect barrel, sometimes huge slab onto dry reef. I would recommend it when small but heard it gets massive . No didn't surf coxo's only a few other places that I couldn't even tell you the name too

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    So lately I've discovered my real love in life is outer space. I haven't been off of earth yet, in fact my greatest achieved is a whooping 36000 foot commercial flight haha. Anyways I'm 17 years old and started flying when I was near ending 16. Does age when I started affect the chances of me being able to achieve going to dream places such as the moon? I know it's a dumb question but seeing all these kids that started at young ages and knowing all the Astronauts I've grown to love have all started to when they were little guys. So am i just being a dramatic kook or does my age kind of hold me back? Also does anyone know a well known Astronaut who started late in life?

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