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  1. I Started Surfing at the age of 19, and i love to do surfing. I first do surfing in the Goa beach. It was wonderful, and i love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sisurfdogg View Post
    .... I walk up to the pickup and say hi.
    There are three rednecks in the cab, drunk. Two bigguns, on little guy. The little guy with crazed eyes says to me "You know your fire is right where we had our fire the other night. Did you know this place is where all those murders happened, blah blah blah.... He was trying to scare me, and he was scaring the **** out of me with his weird eyes, missing teeth and his Deliverance demeanor., and all we had was a machete....
    Wild tale. Didn't you hear the banjo music?

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    I graduated from high school in '73 in Ohio and got a swimming scholarship to Florida State. Some of the guys on the team surfed and I started catching rides to Panama City Beach and Cape San Blas with them. I never went back to Ohio and moved from Tallahassee to Jacksonville in '79. Been surfing ever since.