man you say F this all but what are you Fing. everything i ever read that you have wrote makes me think you live the life of a grade A loser. in which case you should F that all

I already lived the life of the nomad, vagabond surfer i loved it. but i don't miss it. Jack settled down too.
Now i live this one with the job, that pays for the house, cars, wife, kids and surf trips. and I love it.
when the children are grown and leave the nest the wife and I will start a new life. and we'll love that one too.

How do you know classic memories aren't made having a family? Do you have one? Have you ever? you come off as a guy thats had a hard life. someone that has never been loved by a parent or has loved a child of his own. That's too bad. Watching your child take his first steps, or doing anything really is about as good as it gets. beats surfing any day.

living for yourself with no ties is great and should be experienced. but people who stay on walkabout forever and never experence the family life are missing out on something wonderful. yes there are hard times but there hard times in everything, especially being a hobo.